Prohibited Items,

WEIT GLOBAL LOGISTICS cannot ship the following items internationally. Please make sure that your package does NOT contain any of the following. All packages will be inspected by us before they are shipped out. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Food & Perishable
    • Non Vegetarian food in any form including Non Vegetarian Pickles
    • Fruits and Vegetables
    • Raw rice and rice flours
    • Liquids & Semi-liquids
    • Food and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control Ayurvedic, Homeopathic & non-prescription medicines (certain restrictions apply. Please ask our office representative).
  • Drugs and Narcotics.
  • Money (Coins, Cash currency, Paper money and Negotiable Instruments).
  • Electronic and Electrical Products and Spare Parts with battery source.
  • Live animals and plants
  • Indian Postal Articles, Passport or USA Green Card
  • Liquids & Semi-liquids
  • Philately Items
  • Bullion
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition
  • Precious & Semi-Precious Items
  • Radioactive Material
  • Corpses, cremated or disinterred remains
  • Gambling Devices: Lottery tickets and gambling devices where prohibited by national, provincial, state or local law.
  • Pornography
  • Dry Ice (including that used for packaging).
  • Any shipment which would be likely to cause damage, or delay to equipment, personnel or other shipments.
  • Biological material such as bacteria or virus samples available.
  • Flammable and explosive chemicals or products
  • Hazardous waste materials
  • Any shipment which may require the carrier to obtain a license for its transportation
  • All IATA Restricted Items and Dangerous goods.
  • Any item whose carriage is prohibited by any law, statute or regulations of the country of origin or destination, or of any country through which the shipment may transit.

If you are not sure about an item please contact our customer support or email us to confirm. It is customer’s responsibility to make sure they ask our representative prior to booking a shipment. If an item in the shipment is confiscated by our office or by Customs because it is a prohibited item then, AICS does not take any liability or is at fault. Additional charges will be applied to dispose or return shipment to origin.

The above list is subject to change as items/articles are constantly added onto this list. An item/article not on this list can be considered prohibited.

Сustomization Packages


Installation + Logo change

  • The template will be installed on your server exactly as the demo looks like. You will get access to the admin panel, so you can manage your website.
  • We will replace the template’s logo with yours on each page of the template. The logo has to be  in good quality in .PSD, .EPS, .PNG, .JPG format. Logo width should be 300px and 600px
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Ready-to-use Website

  • Theme installation on you server with your logo
  • Google map with your address set
  • Content and images replacement up to 6 pages (without layout change)
  • Removing elements that you do not need on your website
  • Social icons set (without changing theme layout)
  • Color scheme replacement
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Full Website Package

  • WordPress and theme installation
  • Customization of website branding
  • Content Development (15 royalty-free images and 1500 words of text)
  • Content setup (adding 6 pages, 6 posts, Revolution sliders)
  • SEO Essentials
  • Website speed optimization
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